Our retail


This site was created by the City & County of Denver Office of Economic Development (OED) as part of its multi-year strategy to strengthen the city’s retail sector.

Shoppers in Denver enjoy the discovery of distinctive neighborhood retail districts, unique community-serving shopping centers, regional retail areas, and a vibrant downtown—each unlike anything else in the country. We enjoy a blend of known and discovered stores and a broad selection of merchandise that reflects our enviable quality of life for young families, artists and entrepreneurs, outdoor enthusiasts and vibrant older adults alike.

Beginning in 2012, Denver’s Retail Strategic Advisory Council (DRSAC) was invaluable in helping OED. Along with Denver City Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman, DRSAC members included Feder Commercial Realty Advisors, VISIT DENVER, Cherry Creek Shopping Center, Larimer Associates, the Downtown Denver Partnership, Edgemark Commercial Real Estate Services, Gart Properties, and the Cherry Creek North Business Improvement District.

In its retail-focused work today, OED enjoys the cooperation of the Department of Finance’s Division of Real Estate as well as Budget and Management Office, Community Planning and Development, and the Department of Public Works.

For more background, see OED’s 2013 Retail Study.

Questions? info@denverretailscene.com or 720-913-1513.