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Pete Drago


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Platte Street

Cool vibe for the outdoor tribe

Back in 2005 when Dave Boger, Pete Drago and Gabe Anderson founded Jiberish, their street fashion brand, the enterprise was a labor of love and a way to live a lifestyle that seemed like a lot of fun. None of the gents had a formal background in clothing manufacturing or distribution, but after 2009 when their Platte St. storefront opened, the brand really took off.

Locating in Denver was never in doubt. “We wanted to be in a place that allowed us to have a balance between work and play. There is no city in the country that balances the outdoors with a vibrant and growing urban environment like Denver,” Drago says. “There is a uniqueness about being from here that is intriguing to others outside of Colorado.”

As for Platte Street, “Cool restaurants, breweries, and boutiques are all around us, it is a young neighborhood, and the skate park is nearby, too--which is great. We love that retail is growing in Denver, and as more boutiques open, foot traffic and awareness of this area increases,” he says. “The weather is great, there is so much to do, and people are really generally very happy and active.”