Selected Success Stories


Pete Marczyk


Business name:

Marczyk Fine Foods


17th Ave and on E Colfax

The great taste of opportunity

When Pete Marczyk opened his first market on 17th Ave in 2002, he had always been passionate about great food but frustrated that he couldn’t find what he wanted under one roof. The shop offered sustainably raised beef, pork and lamb from family farms, unique and interesting Italian imports, old-fashioned sodas, milk in glass bottles, and unique Colorado-made finds. Customers said it reminded them of grocers they grew up with.  

Small wonder that Marczyk’s—by this time a family operation with brother Paul--became a beloved neighborhood market and expanded to its second location on Colfax. In 2012 they added an in-house bakery for fresh baguettes and sandwich breads.

“Denver is easy to love: great parks, community, weather, skiing, and most importantly—opportunity,” reflects Pete’s wife and partner Barbara “Queen Bee” Macfarlane, who has lovingly built the decade-plus success of the company with the Marczyks after being a founding partner of the Wynkoop Brewing Company. “It’s a friendly town, it’s a town of entrepreneurs, it has an infrastructure that supports business.”

Embodying the consumer-conscious shift from “What’s convenient?” to “Where is it from—who grew this?,” Marcyk’s is a story of hard work, community-building and passionate people sharing the delights of great food in an urban environment.