Selected Success Stories

Truong An Gifts

Mimi Luong


Business name:

Truong An Gifts


South Federal

Flash of color, Asian flair

This giant store, a blend of Vietnamese and Chinese goods, offers everything from Lucky Lotus bamboo plants to smiling Buddha statues and wind chimes. The Luong Family’s business started small in 1980 but today has grown to be celebrated as Denver’s first Asian department store and considered the anchor of the Far East Center on S. Federal Blvd. Its exquisite and unique merchandise hails from China, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea and beyond.

“Our family immigrated to Denver from Vietnam, and in doing so we wanted to bring some of our Eastern culture and share it in the United States. We felt that our store could offer America a feel of Asia without ever having to visit or travel there,” daughter Mimi explains.

Need a burst of color, authentic decor or unique gift for Chinese New Year or the Dragon Boat Festival?  This is your place, clearly situated in an Asian residential district but with enthusiastic fans far and wide. “We have become well known as a neighborhood store, but even so, people all over go online to purchase our Feng Shui products, Asian plants, herbal supplements, beauty products, anime characters, and home and kitchen decor,” Luong says.